Introducing Atlas

How we can help with patient centricity and improve outcomes for respiratory diseases

How we help

We created Atlas to help healthcare organisations work with patients from end-to-end, address healthcare issues together, create real momentum and achieve the right outcomes for everyone.

We do this by: 

Building knowledge, understanding and readiness within teams
Co-designing at pace
Evidencing impact and driving uptake of patient-oriented activities

We believe this could make a difference in respiratory

Five respiratory diseases are among the most common causes of severe illness and death worldwide. Cases of asthma have been on the rise for the last 30 years.

Improving outcomes requires a combination of medical, behavioural, social and policy interventions. With such complexity, how do you spot and validate opportunities? Where do you even start?

In this situation, our Find and Co-design services are key. For example, if you were exploring how the move to remote consultations across primary care is impacting asthma management, Atlas would work with patients and you to:

  • Validate the shift
  • Understand how it affects: symptom reporting; SABA risk; asthma reviews; pharmacy input; the physical space
  • Develop interventions to support patient empowerment in the remote consultation context
  • Determine how to collect and communicate data to inform service/policy design
  • Create a blue-print for roll-out


Here’s just one example from our recent work. 

With patients at the heart of the programme, we transformed an outpatient service in a disease area that had shifted from acute to chronic. We saw promising outcome signals at pilot stage:

Patient satisfaction


By redesigning a patient service
Reduction in staff costs


By introducing new clinical roles
Quality improvement


By taking a new consultation approach

Why Us

What we do:

  • Go direct to patients to find out what they need and want
  • Match this with our knowledge of healthcare, social science and your business  
  • Creates strategies, products, resources and programmes that improve outcomes – for patients, the healthcare service and your business

First steps to improving outcomes together

This remote consultation example provides food for thought but the starting point for patient centricity is to hear from you about your organisation.

If you’re interested in discussing your situation and how we can co-design improvements or to hear about our case studies in more depth, please get back in touch with Sarah Horne:


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Patient focus improves outcomes

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