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We are a globally networked consultancy dedicated to improving healthcare for patients and communities.

We identify relevant opportunities for clients and enable them to work with patients and stakeholders to create patient-oriented solutions.

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Personalisation in healthcare is already a reality. Patients are actively designing products, services and their own journeys. This involvement defines outcomes.

It's a bold direction of travel. But it's unstoppable. Policy, clinical practice and innovators are all making it happen.

Today, it is an imperative to be patient-focused so that work is adopted in the marketplace and waste is reduced. And it requires real focus on the patient's world.

Case study: team alignment

Worked with a pharma business to understand & change its culture to enable innovation & collaboration with healthcare partners

Case study: patient empowerment

Created award-winning patient empowerment resources in psoriasis to change the consultation dynamic

Case study: patient activation

Developed digital solutions that supported neurology patients to manage their health


We help clients accelerate patient-focused activity through five services:
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Need to identify relevant opportunities for patient-focused work?


Need to create a shared vision and capabilities within your team to drive patient-focused work?


Want to create solutions that address patients’ needs and are built on behavioural principles?


Need to create an implementation strategy for your patient solutions?


Want to assess the impact of your patient-oriented work and enhance your projects?

The right approach to drive change

The Atlas team delivers actionable, relevant, timely strategies that clients can take forward.

We help make the case for change internally and support team alignment so that people can produce effective patient-oriented work.

We know that projects need pace so that impact can be evidenced in the shorter-term. Additionally, we implement evaluative approaches that explore why things work - so that best practice can spread.

Patient focus improves outcomes

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