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We bring clarity to patient engagement and advocacy, delivering measurable achievements

The pharmaceutical industry is striving to underpin decision-making with patient insight, co-design activities and channel efforts to improve outcomes. This ambition makes sense: the argument for patient involvement has been won. The question we now face is – how?

Atlas exists to help clients cut through the complexity of patient-oriented activity, align teams and processes behind a common goal, and create appropriate methods for assessing and reporting impact.

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More about Atlas

We are a globally-networked consultancy dedicated to enhancing patient involvement in healthcare. Our clients span a range of functions within the pharmaceutical industry yet share a relentless focus on improving patient experience. This may come from better conversations with clinicians, new models of care, effective patient support programmes or campaigning across health systems.   

We know there is a plethora of terminology and theory in the patient engagement space. We help client teams make sense of this.

We understand that there is lots of opportunity to undertake patient-oriented work. We help clients appraise the options.

We realise that market variation and cross-functional requirements create implementation challenges. We design frameworks and workflows that lead to genuine alignment.

And we know that people need to see patient-oriented activities generate meaningful impact, so we design evaluative approaches.


We help clients accelerate patient-focused activity:


We bring together various inputs and help our clients find the insights. From there, we determine where to act, when and how, helping you to prioritise


We help cross-functional colleagues to align strategically, and we support capability development programmes


We produce and apply frameworks, processes and tools that deliver best practice for patient-oriented activity to thrive within businesses


We create evaluative processes for internal and external activity that is undertaken with the patient in mind. We think about the near and longer-term


Our work is underpinned by a solid application and translation of social science and healthcare management principles that are relevant to patient-oriented activity

Clarity in patient engagement and advocacy

The Atlas team delivers actionable, relevant, timely strategies that clients can take forward.

We help our clients know their patients’ world and develop sound strategies for patient-oriented activities. We help create internal understanding and capabilities. We evidence impact to internal and external stakeholders to build support for the work and to drive uptake. Sound like the consultancy for you?

Patient focus improves outcomes

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